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Created on 24-12-2021

Creative learning among children is becoming a need of the hour. The outdated systems no longer work with children today, who adapt faster to new changes around them.

Sunita Jhawar, an expert educationalist, believes that a child should not be stopped from learning.

“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.” said Loyal “Jack” Lewman. To live up to that, Learners World came up with many hands on techniques for students. It has been proved that hands on learning is the best method to teach a child as it imposes a permanent memory. A hands on experience means that the students do not use gadgets. And rightfully so! Various studies suggest that electronic gadgets for children below the age 7 is highly discouraged.

Sunita Jhawar started her career with free clay moulding workshops for teachers and continues till date. She is an award winner for the best toy presented by the Toys Association of India. This is a manifestation of her skills in product design. Along with her team, she has developed appreciation stamps, flash cards, flannelgram stories, sensory tables and many more products, in an attempt to encourage hands on learning instead of using electronic devices. She has, with a lot of appreciation, reached great heights in the educational industry by conducting clay moulding workshops nationally for over 7500 teachers.

Her views were put forward in coordinating 8 workshops, of which 4 of them were international, on Quality Education for All. She also has undergone a certified course on book publishing by NBT (National Book Trust) and published a book on clay moulding.

Mrs.Sunitajhawar is heading a unique showroom “Learners World” in Jayanagar, Bangalore where more than 3000 educational toys are on display under one roof. Parents can find a complete solution to teach their children at home also. In her view a child should not be stopped from learning. Various experts have put in their views that gadgets should be kept away from the child at least till they are of seven year old. Hands on experience to the kids have been proved to be best technique to teach a child as it imposes a permanent memory. Here she recalls a great saying that If you tell me something I will forget it, If you make me write I will remember it for some time but if you make me do I will remember it for longer time. Hence according to her child must be given a chance to explore and learn various basic skill developments like Eye and hand co-ordination, Language, Fine Motor, Logical, Mathematical etc. Each toy displayed at Learners World, has some educational value associated with it and she also guides the parents to select right toy for their child based on their age group. She along with her team of researchers has developed a detailed curriculum for Pre-Schools. She has also helped many pre schools in setup.

Learners World has a unique showroom for educational toys. More than 3000 varieties of toys are displayed as a complete solution for parents and teachers to teach their children at home and at school respectively.

Sunita Jhawar and her team at Learners World aim to teach children even in difficult times like these. During this lockdown, she has designed and prepared early learning kits for home learning by which parents and kids will have lots of fun and play.


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